Folly’s Healer

Dr. Deena Smith looks to the root of what ails you

By Christine Wilkerson

Deena Fawn Smith arrived on Folly Beach 16 years ago. Religious and spiritually driven, she took it to heart when her Atlanta minister preached about “going to the edge.” In April 1996, depressed after the promise of a partnership in Charleston fell through, Deena took a drive out to Folly Beach. Hoping for a sign that everything was going to be okay, she was literally welcomed to “The Edge” by a turquoise sign, and her new life and practice on Folly began. Folly was the perfect fit, with its laid back bohemian lifestyle and access to the beach and water. Deena quickly found an apartment across from the beach, an office on Center Street, and hung out her shingle.

Walking into Dr. Deena’s office, one is immediately struck by the quiet, relaxed, living room style of the outer office, and then by the number of diplomas hanging on the wall inside. Deena has admittedly spent much of her life studying the science of chiropractic and alternative medicine. Her diploma in Anti-Aging alone took five years to complete. Deena says her life is driven by Karma and prayer. Many years ago, her grandmother said she was a natural healer, and thus began her life of continuous education and eventually educating and treating others in the science of her profession.

Many of Deena’s patients are looking for alternatives to mainstream medicine. Instead of numerous prescriptions for expensive medications, patients can find help for relieving stress and pain, managing menopause, weight loss, lack of energy and fatigue. Although some of the treatments like Total Body Modification may sound strange to those of us uneducated in chiropractic practices, one must admit it’s frequently hard to understand the medical terms and treatments prescribed by traditional doctors as well.

As one that has always raised an eyebrow at the thought of going to a chiropractor or using alternative medicine, I was a little skeptical at the beginning of this interview. Accompanied by her two well behaved, longhair chihuahuas, Deena expertly explained the science behind the treatments, then demonstrating until the light bulb goes off and the AHA! moment hit.

Without knowing anything about me or my medical history, Deena quickly honed in on an area of concern that only I was aware of.

The origins of chiropractic care date back thousands of years. Scholars have uncovered writings from the Greeks and Chinese describing methods of manipulating the spine to relieve pain. Since then, the science has matured and the effectiveness refined.

The downturn in the economy and spiraling costs have kept many from pursuing needed healthcare and Deena’s business has slacked off, but that has allowed her the time to continue her studies and perfect her techniques. To many of us aged 50 and older, going to the GP means almost always coming home with a new prescription. Using practices based in a common sense approach to health and wellness, Dr. Deena works in partnership with a local MD to keep costs as low as possible and tailored to each individual needs. There’s no revolving door with a waiting room full of patients here. Each patient ends up with an individual comprehensive, common sense plan to improve their health or to treat specific ills.

Folly Beach is lucky to have a doctor experienced in scientific, non-evasive health care based on thousands of years of study. Dr. Deena Fawn Smith is a perfect fit for “the Edge,” and I’m a believer.


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