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Dr. Deena Fawn Smith, DC, ABAAHP

is a licensed physician with a focus on preventative medicine for over 25 years.  She has helped thousands of patients regain their health and vitality through natural methods, including gentle Chiropractic therapies using Activator Method and Drop Table techniques, and Myokinesthetics. Dr. Deena also utilizes electrical stimulation, medical massage, and infrared cold laser therapies for her customized treatments. Advanced Nutritional Therapies, and recommendations for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement can also be evaluated and addressed.


Dr. Deena offers a cutting edge modern approach with personalized care. Her treatments and recommendations are research-based and she combines this medical research with an alternative natural approach. She is an insightful, focused, detailed and passionate physician who has the ability to take complicated information and simplify it. She listens to her patients and combines their symptoms with their lab results and offers not only simple basic explanations but choices of therapies.Read more...

Visit our Office!

930 Folly Road

Suite C

James Island, SC 29412


Nutritional Therapies, Chiropractic Medicine, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement, Medical Massage, Live Blood Cell Testing, Holistic, Integrative

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“My mission is to provide my patients with the information

needed to pre-empt or postpone the onset of illness.”

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Charleston Wellness Center is your health choice to address the root cause of illness rather than just the symptoms. Whether your body is dealing with challenges with blood pressure, blood sugar, weight gain or loss, digestive complaints, fatigue, allergies or sensitivities, hormone imbalances, mood changes, or you just want to come in for a tune up, we will go above and beyond to meet your health needs.

What Can We Help You With?


• Gentle Chiropractic Therapies

• Electrical Stimulation

• Nutritional Deficiencies

• Medical Massage

• Interpreting Blood Screening Panels

• Pain Management

• Healthy Aging Practices

• Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

• Holistic, Integrative Medicine

• Compassionate, Individualized Care

• Read About More Services...


With your initial comprehensive appointment, Dr. Deena includes a COMPLIMENTARY review of Standard Process System Survey and individualized guidance on appropriate nutritional enhancements.


Why don't you take the symptoms survey test online and we'll see what nutrients you need. Anything you want to know is out on the internet. Allow Dr. Deena to help you make sense of it. Pre-appointment Survey


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