Bioidentical Hormone Enhancement Therapies


With simple language and inspiring examples, Dr. Deena Fawn Smith explains important breakthroughs in age-delaying treatment, including naturally safer bioidentical hormones, optimal nutrition, effective exercise, healthy lifestyle and powerful attitudes.


One foundation for Dr. Deena’s approach is using bioidentical hormones which are natural plant-based supplements that are molecularly identical to human hormones, to restore what age, environment of lifestyle factors have depleted.


Dr. Deena has had extensive training in bioidentical and natural hormone therapies and has demonstrated the ability to restore balance to stress and sex hormones using only nutritional medicine such as herbal remedies, foods and supplements.


She also works comprehensively with prescribing physicians recommending specific lowest-dosage synergistic compounded hormones with safe-guard nutritional supplementation.


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Just some of what we have to offer:


• Chiropractic Medicine

• Live Blood Cell Imaging

• Nutritional Therapies

• Medical Massage

• Cold Laser Therapy

• Holistic, Integrative Medicine

• Hormone Replacement Therapy

• Healthy Aging Practices

• Chronic Pain Therapy

• And much more.  Call us!

With your initial comprehensive appointment, Dr. Deena includes a COMPLIMENTARY live blood cell imaging under a microscope for a patients basic education.


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Chiropractic Medicine


The nervous system is enclosed and protected by your vertebral column of the skeletal system. The four curves of this column give strength, support and balance to your body. Misaligned bones and tension in your muscles place unnecessary strain on your body.


We can adjust the framework of the body to relieve that strain and enhance its curvature taking pressure off your nerves, enabling all your systems to function smoothly and efficiently.  We perform chiropractic manipulation to help relieve pain, improve mobility and restore all-around health.



Live Blood Cell Imaging


Looking at live blood cells under a microscope is purely a screening tool.  It is used to encourage a patient to have standard blood chemistry panels performed at a licensed laboratory location.


Viewing live blood cells is only for patient awareness and education. The process involves placing a drop of blood from a person’s fingertip on a microscope slide under a glass coverslip. The slide is then viewed through Light Field Microscopy that forwards the image to a television monitor. It is an opportunity to take a look at living cells inside your own body, noticing for example, the observable relative size, shape and movement of red and white blood cells.


This is not a diagnostic procedure. There is no additional fee for this procedure. Looking at live blood cells under a microscope is an educational service that is offered during new or established patients comprehensive office visit.



Nutritional Counseling


As Dr. Deena Fawn Smith says, “Good health is not just the absence of disease. It is the care and maintenance of your body, including the way you nourish it.” At the Charleston Wellness Center, we believe that what you eat should be suited to your individual requirements, based on your present health, any illnesses or chronic diseases, allergies, or other specific aspects of your constitution. And we believe that supplements, vitamins, and minerals are essential for an overall plan for good health, making nutrition an integral part of the body, mind, spirit approach to good health.



Massage Therapy


Medical Massage:

Medical massage therapy focuses specifically on a combination of areas on the body and has been proven beneficial for many chronic conditions including low back pain, neck and shoulder

pain and fatigue. 

$90 / 45 min. OR $125 / 75 min.


Cold Laser Massage Therapy:

Low level laser therapy is a gentle, non-invasive and effective form of detoxification that uses the innovative power of lasers to penetrate the body’s tissues allowing them to release toxins and heal.  The laser is used in conjunction with your choice of therapeutic massage.


The unique properties of low-level lasers allow the light to penetrate the surface of the skin with no heating effects, no damage to the skin, and no known side effects. Instead, the laser directs a light-energy to the body’s cells. They, in turn, convert it to chemical energy that promotes healing and pain relief, much like the process of photosynthesis. It allows for a precise and accurate form of therapy that optimizes the body’s immune response and reduces inflammation, edema, and healing time.


The Charleston Wellness Center was the first clinic in the area to incorporate the use of low-level laser therapy into our holistic approach to heath. And we continue to use it, along with other healing modalities, to optimize every patients’ health and wellness.



Holographic Health


Is a complete system of natural wellness based on Tibetan and Ayurvedic Medicines and Quantum Healing. It is a comprehensive, multi-faceted paradigm which looks at an energetic cosmic picture of all known possibilities that we encounter in our quest to create a foundation of superior health on all levels of our existence.


Every cell in our body is really a hologram. There is a complete universe inside of us. Holographic Health uses applied kinesiology to determine the imbalances within our body. Imbalancing energies act like infections. Once an imbalance is found, we can find out what is precisely causing the imbalance and how to bring the body back into balance.


Holographic Health is a complete system of natural wellness which utilizes chiropractic, massage, sound, movement, nutrition and energetic homeopathic-like remedies.  Dr. Deena Fawn Smith has been the featured practitioner in the Holographic Health product and information guide.



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