My life before going to Dr. Deena Fawn Smith was one filled with fatigue, depression, loss of interest in life and I was emotionally empty.


In 1989, because I complained of a pain in my side, my OB-GYN physician recommended I have a hysterectomy as I probably had endometriosis.  After the hysterectomy, my doctor prescribed Premarin, a synthetic form of estrogen .  My liver would not process the Premarin; I had anxiety attacks, depression, sweats; in other words, it gave the symptoms it was supposed to prevent.  I was sent to an endocrinology specialist who administered estrogen and testosterone pellets deep into my buttocks and was told to come back in three months. I had the same terrible side effects as I had with the Premarin except they were worse than ever.  I was overdosed.  My ability to think rationally and make decisions was severely impaired. It took a year for the effect of that medication to go away and I was still left depressed, fatigued, could not remember how to do my job, etc.


In December, 2011, my daughter introduced me to Dr. Deena Fawn Smith who specializes in natural hormone therapy.  Of course, I was very apprehensive at first but I submitted to the evaluation of estrogen and other essential components. After the results came back, Dr. Deena put me on a regime of hormones and supplements especially to meet my needs.  Within 2 months my husband saw a difference in me.  Gradually over the next two months, I was energetic, spirited, and loved life once again.  I feel like I am 30 years old again.  This changed my life completely to the Diane before the hysterectomy.  I can't begin to tell you how empathetic, compassionate, and knowledgeable Dr. Deena is. I would recommend her to anyone (man or woman) who is having trouble with any symptoms I have mentioned above plus memory loss, inability to do familiar tasks, and an over all lack of well being!


Thanks, Dr. Deena!


Diane Overstreet, Blacksburg





East Cooper Entrepreneurial Women (ECEW) Member Testimonial


"I met Dr. Deena Smith and her business partner, Beth Roberts at the April ECEW Luncheon. I called them later that week to see if we could have lunch and I could learn more about their business. At that lunch I knew I had found two dedicated women that are on a mission to change the way women take care of themselves and give them the health advice they have been missing.


As many of you know I have an autoimmune disorder that has given me many problems over the years including the inability to eat gluten, dairy and a host of other foods. I have been from doctor to doctor including medical, holistic and chiropractic care. Along the way I have been helped but always felt that a lot of questions were left unanswered. Until I met Dr. Deena...She has spent countless hours researching my symptoms and coming up with solutions for many of my issues. She has given me more information on my health in the two months I have known her that my other doctors have given me in the past 10 years. I hope you will go and meet Deena and Beth. Invite your friends to come too. We all need someone to take a personal interest in our well being."


Carol Williams



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