Restoring Balance Starts Here

By Kristin Hackler

Dr. Deena Fawn Smith, DC, AAHP, co-founder of the bioidentical hormone therapy clinic Aging to Perfection, is one of the lucky ones who truly loves her job. Sixteen years ago, a poignant sermon from her pastor in Atlanta, Georgia, advised her to “go to the edge”; an urging encouragement that stuck with her for many weeks after the service. At the time, she was considering taking a position at a local chiropractic college and, though it was in her line of work, she wasn’t thrilled about a teaching position.

Days before she accepted her new job, she attended a workshop in Atlanta where she sat next to a doctor who asked her to join him for lunch. During the course of their conversation, he asked her what she really wanted to do with her life.

“I want to move to one of those islands around Charleston, South Carolina, and start a practice,” she replied.

“Well, it just so happens that I’m from Charleston and I’m looking for an associate to work in my practice,” he smiled.

Dr. Deena turned down the promising job, put her Chihuahua in her mustang and adventured to the coast. On her arrival, the clinic where she might be working was closed for a few hours, so the doctor advised her to drive to the local beach right down the road and check it out. It was there that she saw the sign: Welcome to the Edge.

“I had to pull over. That was huge - just that feeling that you know you’re in the right place,” said Dr. Deena.

Sixteen years later, Dr. Deena has extended her practice from her location on Folly Beach’s Center Street to Anna Knapp Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, where she is working with Dr. Randi K. Popp, MD of West Ashley’s Well Family Medicine to expand her passion for working in preventative nutrition and bioidentical hormones.

“We’re here to help you prevent illness and balance your body and mind. We help with things like weight gain, low energy, depression, loss of libido…issues that occur with normal aging. Anti-aging is not just about looking good; it’s about physical, physiological, and psychological wellness,” said Dr. Deena.

Bioidentical hormone therapy, Dr. Deena explains, is about balancing your delicate body’s hormones. It addresses not only your sex hormones but also your thyroid, adrenals, and cardiovascular system. Holding a diplomat degree in Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Deena is adamant about spreading the word that bioidentical hormone therapy not only helps with the effects of aging and premature aging and disease, it is also a preventative therapy.

“More women have died of breast cancer between the ages of 45 and 50 than from any other cause. One of the main reasons for this is an imbalance in estrogen, and we can help to prevent that,” said Dr. Deena.

She also pointed out that their practice is not just limited to women. Bioidentical hormone therapy can help men, as well, with issues such as low libido, male pattern baldness, and preventing prostate disorders.

“We’re about finding out and treating the root cause of the problem, not just taking care of the symptoms. And we do this with a comprehensive individualized approach and treatment plan,” Dr. Deena stressed.

To schedule your appointment, first time visitors to Aging to Perfection may call the office at 856-2727 and leave a message, as the doctors are typically split either between patients or their two offices.

“We will get back to you!” Dr. Deena promised, smiling.


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